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Bra Physics 4 - What can we learn about the cups and straps?

In this part, I talk about the physics involved in the cups and the straps. The cups are by far the most complex part of the bra, and their geometry befuddles millions of people worldwide. I won't be talking about geometry here - cup shape, strap positioning, and necklines (well, I do a tiny bit in the extended version), but instead your material choice and how it impacts a bra.  You can check out part 1 where I go over the main function of a bra and the forces it needs to provide. part 2 discusses the design of the band, part 3 the wires and cradle. As before, an extended version of this post can be found on my Ko-fi , where you can get instant access to this and previous extended blog posts for just £2/$3. If you want, you can then continue subscribing on a monthly basis to support my blog.   Stress and Strain - A Recap The strain of an item is essentially how much its length has increased, as a proportion of its original length. If your bra band measures 30" on the t