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The Physics of a Supportive Bra Explained

An extended version of this post can be found on my Ko-fi , where you can get instant access to this and previous extended blog posts for just £2. If you want, you can become a member for £2 a month to continue supporting my blog. To all boob owners reading this: I would like you to take off the clothes on your upper half and stand in front of a mirror. I would buy you dinner first, but unfortunately on my student budget I can't afford to wine and dine all of my readers, so you'll just have to take a chance on me.  If your body shape and ability allows, I would like you to use your hands to support and mould your boob into the ideal shape you would like them to be in a supportive bra. Usually, people are looking for a bra to give them the following sort of profile: Side profiles of some unsupported and supported breasts If you've gone and moulded your boobs, I'll wager you have done something like I did to achieve that look.