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Uplifted & Round - the Beautiful Cleo Blake Review in 28G

It's no secret: I love this bra. It fits great  - not perfectly, but that's to be expected -, gives me a really nice shape and I adore the aesthetic. I find myself reaching for it more often than all but one of my bras (and that's only because my Ewa Michalak CH Karmelki has a delightfully snug band). Cleo is a staple for the fuller bust crowd who want a more youthful aesthetic than a lot of brands have on offer. Add in the narrow wires, projection and immediate depth common in their unpadded bras and you basically have a match made in heaven for me! I just wish they made 26s... I snagged this off Poinsettia for £23 shipped which was a nice discount from its £28-£30 RRP (I'm all about discounts). I ordered the only colour available at the time, a bright pink described as cerise. After reading Big Cup's review I expected a more muted colour bra, perhaps a little reddish, and a bra without much immediate depth, potentially clashing with my shape and also being

Updating My Bra Storage (Guest Post)

The topic of bra storage comes up now and again and I thought it might be interesting to share how I upgraded my bra storage. It is a take on a well known hanger tree tutorial with a few improvements for my needs. The most important for me was shrinking the vertical space used as the result of that tutorial would fit seven bras from the top to the bottom of a wardrobe door which is somewhat inefficient, and it’s also uncomfortable to reach the bottom-most bras. I also don’t like that hanging bras from a regular hanger is somewhat unstable. Being able to hang sets with (more or less) matching knickers and overall having a polished look was also important for me. What you will need:

Bra Science — Center full? Outer full? Splayed? What does it all mean?

With the recent advent of increasing discussion on center fullness and outer fullness - including a gore alteration that increases center depth , and more and more people being confused as to what it all means, I thought I'd try and explain what these shapes are and why so many people struggle to figure out which they have. Fullness on top and bottom (or "vertical fullness distribution" as I like to pretentiously say) has been a staple of English-speaking bra fitting forums for years, but  horizontal  fullness distribution has only ever really been mentioned since about 2015, starting off with this amazing blog post by Brastic Measures. I'm noting now that as with top and bottom fullness, horizontal fullness is a spectrum. You can be extremely outer full, even, or extremely center full - or anything in between. Center fullness and outer fullness can both be mistaken for a splayed shape. Yup, two polar opposites can and are both mistaken for a third, unrelated,