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5 Red and Green Flags when going for a bra fitting

Having been a bra fitter and having been to many different bra fittings, I've both experienced a relatively full gamut of how bra fitters can treat people and what they're doing behind the curtain. However I also recognise that as a thin, white, young, visibly able cis woman it's essentially impossible for me to be actively discriminated against by a bra fitter; these experiences, while they break my heart whenever I read about them, are ultimately foreign to me and I cannot usefully advise on how to avoid them.  While there's loads of bra fitting information to be found online, an in-person appointment where you get to try on bras instantly can be a lot more convenient (and come with a lot less reading). With that being said, there are some behaviours and attitudes that show a bra fitter isn't looking out for your best needs - and I'm not talking about adding inches to your underbust!

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You're probably not Omega, just Projected - here's the difference, and how it affects bra patterns

In the online bra making community omega is a popular term, and many people (esp. in larger cup sizes) consider themselves to have an omega breast shape. Omega is a term that popular instructor Beverly Johnson claims to have coined, and she explains what she means by it in this post . Her definition (and conceptualisation) of omega has been adopted by the community as a whole, however I have always had an issue with it: in my opinion, omega conflates two different breast shapes, leading to confusion amongst bra makers.    One of these shapes is omega, but both require an Omega Adjustment?