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Asos: You... Really Didn't Even Try this Time — Asos Fuller Bust Fan Lace Balconette Review in 28G

Buckle up folks, it's gonna be a wild ride. Honestly I've heard multiple people have success with Asos's Fuller Bust range but after my experience I'm utterly confused as to how that can happen. Apologies for the poor lighting! And yes those are plasters on my nipples that I coloured in with a felt tip to make them look less nipple-like.  I promise to invest in some proper ones soon! The good: This bra is cheap as heck at only £20 full price  with free shipping. Ordering from Asos is a doddle and their returns system is free and easy. I quite like the design, the lace is interesting and almost has a kind of art nouveau vibe to it. It comes in 28-38 DD-G.

Bra Science — Why Band Tests Don't Work

Note: This post is operating under the premise that only the band size is being tested when checking a bra fits correctly. As too small cups can make a band feel too tight due to breast tissue not being fully contained/general constriction of the bust, I always advise checking band fit with the bra fastened backwards and/or upside down, as this removes the cup fit from the equation. A lot of bra resources on the internet (including Bustyresources, Bratabase, Boob or Bust, and so many company fitting guides) have ways of determining if a band fits you based on how far it stretches out. Here are the two most common variations of this rule: You should be able to stretch the band out 1" away from your ribcage (when fastened on the loosest hooks) You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably under the band (when fastened on the loosest hooks) While I don't deny that these rules can help people understand that a band is supposed to be snug, and can work in the extremes,

Asos: You Tried — Asos Fuller Bust Kendra Review in 28G

Oh, Asos. I understand you're a fashion brand. I understand this is your first foray into extended bra sizes. I understand your business is based on selling cheap items. I started with low expectations, but still, you disappoint me. Don't get me wrong, I applaud Asos for being one of the first cheap fashion brands to start selling these sizes, but that's one of the few positive things I can say in this review. So with that in mind, let's dive right in! I ordered the ASOS FULLER BUST Kendra Underwire Bra for £20 (and free shipping). That's right, this bra costs £20 at full price which is pretty darn good. The sad thing is that you don't really get what you pay for here. There's a pale pink version of this bra (could be a nude colour for a few skin tones) and this black version. I thought the black had a bit more... classical charm to it so that's what I went for. The bra is sold in 28-38 DD-G, so clearly they were going for a full bust thing here instea

Boux Avenue Chloe Bra and Shorts Set in 28G

I ordered the Chloe Lace Balconette Bra in Coral  in UK 28G and the corresponding Lace Shorts in a UK 8.  This bra is priced at a very reasonable £24 and  there was a special offer running whereby you could buy the bra and knicker set for £25 - pretty genius deal in my opinion because I never usually buy matching underpants with my bras. The yellow tag is a small piece of ribbon with the size printed on it. Pretty useful if you're trying a bunch of bras on in a shop! Boux avenue has only recently started to venture outside of the bra size matrix (32-38 AA-DD, the sizes most commnly sold by UK and US retailers), so I wasn't expecting the bra to be scaled amazingly as I bought it - especially in their smallest band/largest cup combination of 28G. The bra is sold in sizes 28-36 A-G, 38 B-G.