FAQ / About Me

What bra size do you wear?

 I used to wear a UK 26GG/H, a 60H/55HH in Ewa Michalak and a 55M in Comexim. I now wear around a UK 28GG/H-30G/GG and a 10 in UK clothing.

Where can I find you?

I'm most active on Instagram, you can follow me there for pictures of my sewn items. You can support me on Ko-fi too for additional content and individual advice.

What on earth are you going on about?

Yeah, I get it, I use technical terms a lot and I understand that they can be confusing to newcomers. Be sure to check out A Bra That Fits on reddit (it also has a facebook group!), especially the wiki (in the sidebar which can be easily viewed on desktop) for explanations of the terms. If you're still confused then let me know and I'll explain everything.

What's your philosophy?

  • I will strive to be as honest and unbiased as possible in my reviews. 
  • If I pay less than standard price for a bra, I will tell you, and I will not be afraid to criticise a bra I get for a reduced price. 
  • I will never say anything negative about my body (or anyone else's body)
  • I aim to make my photos a realistic depiction of my body from any angles (no gut sucking or curve enhancing poses here, just me). 
If I break any of these rules, please don't hesitate to let me know in the comments or by email, and I will do my best to fix it.

Do you edit your photos?

I do not and will never edit my photos other than by cropping them, or making lighting adjustments. If I make a lighting adjustment I will mention it in the caption. The one exception to this rule is me adding an obviously edited on celebrity face where my face used to be.

How can I contact you with any questions I have or bras I would like you to review?

Shoot me an email at HugsForYourJugs@gmail.com, or comment on the post in question.