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I have a twitter: @HugsforYourJugs

You can follow me on Bratabase: My Profile

Useful Resources:

A Bra That Fits - this is where my bra journey started for me. A wonderful, 300,000 strong community oozing with awesome bra advice!

A Bra That Fits also has a closed Facebook group if you want a little more privacy. The group accepts all genders except for cis men.

A Bra That Fits' Wiki - aside from its members, this is ABTF's strongest resource. A community sourced pile of information. This information wasn't written to promote a brand or company, but out of the users' desires to help people in the best ways they can.

Bratabase - a bra database! All the bras in the world (that people have entered) measured, reviewed, taken photos of. It's great! There's also a fitting advice section (though I think ABTF generally gives better advice, but that is just my opinion -  there are definitely knowledgeable users on both), and lots of other fun features.

Bras in Many Sizes - a facebook page dedicated to showcasing just how many bras come in 50+ sizes (Hint: there's a bunch.  A whole bunch).

Bustyresources - a wiki dedicated to bra fitting advice. While its bra advice is less thorough and more out of date than ABTF's wiki, it has some great unique sections like an Offline Retailer guide.

A Bra That Fits Calculator  - a calculator (that I created for the ABTF community) that I think is great.

What Bra Sizes Look Like - a second blog that I run dedicated to showcasing what bra sizes look like when properly fitted.