Updating My Bra Storage (Guest Post)

The topic of bra storage comes up now and again and I thought it might be interesting to share how I upgraded my bra storage. It is a take on a well known hanger tree tutorial with a few improvements for my needs. The most important for me was shrinking the vertical space used as the result of that tutorial would fit seven bras from the top to the bottom of a wardrobe door which is somewhat inefficient, and it’s also uncomfortable to reach the bottom-most bras. I also don’t like that hanging bras from a regular hanger is somewhat unstable. Being able to hang sets with (more or less) matching knickers and overall having a polished look was also important for me.

What you will need:

  • Sharp scissors.
  • A good amount of ribbon. I used about 2 meters for 7 hangers. If you want big bows or use thicker ribbon get more, if you’re using thinner ribbon get less. You may need more than you expect!
  • Nice lingerie hangers. I looked into various options and decided on a 20-pack of metal hangers from Aliexpress here, there’s also a slightly more expensive set here if you like the twisted look. I like that they also have spaces for stickers if you want to label your nice sets. If you’re planning on hanging only bras and not any knickers you can use simpler hangers or skirt hangers. I do not suggest using plastic hangers because it does not hold up with regular use.
  • A place to hang the end result. I used pre-existing hooks on my wardrobe door. Installing a hook should be pretty simple and since the end result isn’t very heavy you  may not need more than a stick on kind. You could hang it from a closet rod but since I’m putting a bit of effort into it to making it look nice I want to show it off a little.

The Process:

  1. Place a hanger below another one so the top of the hook reaches just to the bottom of the hook of the topmost hanger. Tie the two together with a bow. It’s easier to get a nice bow with the hangers facing the wrong way - think of tying shoelaces. This is how it looks like from the top, and from underneath:

  2. Add a bow on the bottommost hanger for a uniform look.
  3. Add another hanger on top of the topmost hanger and repeat - it is easier to grow the hanger tree towards you rather than away from you. Note: if it’s easier for you to make nice brows the right side up it will be easier for you to “grow the tree” down, not up.

Hanging the sets:

  • Think about what you want to showcase and what’s practical for you. The topmost set is the only one that will be fully visible, the higher up the set the easier it is to access. I ended up hanging my fanciest set (Samanta Aurora A922, what a beauty!) at the very top and my least used (Ewa Michalak HM Gold, too small but gives fantastic cakes on a plate cleavage) at the bottom, with everyday bras in the middle.
  • Work from the bottom up.
  • Hang the knickers first using the clasps so that they hang behind the lower hangers.
  • Hang the bras by the straps using the hooks. I find it easiest to just slide the strap into the hook at the front. This way the knickers are all at the back and the bras are at the front so if you don’t want to wear both at the same time they don’t get into the way of each other.

  • Definitely clasp the bras at the back. Also, to achieve a nice look that isn’t droopy for a lack of a better word it’s best to attach the straps to the hooks quite towards the beginning of the straps.

The Results:

You've already seen how it looks without anything hung. Here it is with most of my sets hung:

Pretty neat, isn’t it? Without bras or knickers the total height  of 7 hangers is 54cm (26 ¼”). That’s the same amount of hangers as in the original tutorial but with a third of the space.


Molded and padded bras don’t look very neat when hung on this hanger tree as the bras on the bottom push the bra on the top upwards.

I store my molded and padded bras in a shallower basket in a wire storage unit. I lined it with silk paper to avoid any snags. Here’s how it looks:

It tucks away neatly:

Many thanks to /u/noys for writing this piece for me. I'll definitely have to try out that hanging method, it's both beautiful and practical!


  1. Yeah. The" hanging bra tree" is so awesome! I think I'll make one too! Thanks for the post! :)


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