Comfortably Stylish - A Short Review of Urkye Koalicja Serca+Granat in 34OO/OOO

I have real difficulty finding clothes that fit me due to my bust/waist sizes, so I often look at bust friendly brands as a potential solution. Unfortunately, my personal style is brightly coloured/patterned, interesting clothes and most of these brands deal in basiscs so I always leave the websites empty handed and disappointed. My perspective is: I can buy a T shirt from H&M for £3.99, I'm not concerned much about the fit. What I can't do is buy a nice dress or an interestingly designed shirt that actually sits well on me.

Urkye doesn't seem to me to be much different from other full bust brands, both in size range (it only goes up to a 44 waist size, which I believe corresponds to a UK 16, so no plus size range here) and in design. However, one dress stood out to me, and I decided to give it a try.

Success! A dress that fits me well and I enjoy wearing! The dress didn't take too long to arrive (in the UK), either, considering it came from Poland. For reference, I usually wear a 6/8 in waist sizes but have to size up multiple times to get a good fit in the bust (I usually don't though because I end up with badly fitting shoulders).

I have edited the colour of this image slightly to better portray the colours, however the other pictures are much more accurate.

This dress has a blue heart design on blue stretch cotton, and a dark blue cotton stretch skirt. While it's a little tame for my tastes, the dress is well made and the fabric is quite high quality -it's thick and opaque, though it's not sticky or hot.

It fits very well, though I would prefer it to be slightly snugger around my waist and a tiny bit larger in the bust - it doesn't look like a bad fit though, so it's all right. It fits well across my shoulders and the sleeves aren't too tight (something I struggle with in many clothes).

The dress is well sewn with neat seams inside and out. I like how the boat neck doesn't show my bra straps, most dresses would. It's not something I care about particularly but I think it does elevate an outfit.

The skirt is just a bit too long for my preference, coming in at an inch or so below my knee (I'm about 5'3 for reference), and I intend to get it hemmed.

You can see the slight bagginess around my back/waist, with adjustment it goes away mostly but not entirely.
All in all, I definitely believe this dress was worth its price, and I would absolutely buy again from Urkye if they had more garments that suited my taste!


  1. As a fellow petite(ish) and short-waisted person I wanted to say the best alteration for your 3 fit problems (excessively long skirt, wrinkles at waist, loose around waist) is often to take in the bodice of the dress at the shoulderline, thus raising the entire dress to fit about 1 inch higher on your body. If you pinch or pin it at the shoulder you will see that everything now falls where it ought--the bodice is where you have a little bit too much length! The close-up photo from the front illustrates this particularly well: the waist seam of the dress is at least 1, if not 2 inches below your natural waist.


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