Dishearteningly Dear - All Undone Lottie Review in 28GG

Ever since I found out about All Undone I have fallen in love with their aesthetic. The sleek lines, bright colours and high quality materials have put them at the top of my wishlist for years. One thing held me back though - whenever the bras were reduced in price to within my budget, they were made nonreturnable. I did some research and found out that this is against the law in the UK (where the company is based), so I contacted them about it and they updated their policy. Great!

James Van Der Beek's sad face pasted over a picture of me in the Lottie

Unfortunately the Lottie is a major disappointment. I got it for £31.60 plus shipping from their sale, its usual price is a whopping £79!


The Lottie laid out on a bed so the front of the bra is visible

I can't fault the design on paper, I love how this bra looks - the colours go together so well and I love the lack of extraneous embellishments. I like the gold metal hardware too.

Close up of the three main layers/textures that make up the cup - a black base layer, bright blue silk and a very pale blue powermesh

Silk was a nice touch and I like the idea of using powernet (usually used for bra bands) as the decorative mesh on the cup, as that means the bra has some flexibility and the mesh is nice and soft to the touch.


The Lottie laid out on a bed such that the inside of the bra is visible

This is where it all begins to fall apart (though thankfully, not literally).  The bra is a three part, padded and seamed balconette with fully adjustable straps and three columns of two hooks.

Close up of the strap and metal hardware on the Lottie

And while I like how they have used square metal attachments for the straps (instead of rings), the front adjusting straps are a bit strange to me. I always adjust straps slightly differently so it makes my boobs look lopsided from the front!

Close up of the wing of the Lottie, laid out flat. The clasp points downwards unusually far.

The weirdest thing to me though is the band. Look at it! It's so.... flaccid. Why would they sew the band at this angle? For me it just pulls the bra down even further and feels... wrong.


Close up of the Lottie's gore, where there is baggy fabric

The bra isn't sewn that well - some of the seams are messy, the centre front panel is crumpled and won't lie flat no matter how I stretch the bottom elastic. Honestly, if this were a £30 bra, while I would be OK with the seams, I would still not be happy with  the gore, as its minimalist style was a main draw for me.

Close up of the front strap attachment on the inside of the cup where there are threads poking out
Close up of the inside of the gore, where loose threads can be seen.

There are multiple loose threads on the bra too.

The bra laid out how it arrived - with severely wrinkled cups, and folded in half at the gore.
The bra laid out, after I had unfolded it - the cups were very wrinkled.

The way the bra arrived too was very dismaying. The bra was hastily folded together and put in some tissue paper, then posted in an unpadded plastic envelope. When the bra arrived, the cups were very crumpled. I wouldn't care too much if this were a sub-£30 bra but come on, £80?!


Angle shot of me wearing the Lottie with visible quadboob

Holy in cup quadboob, batman! (There's also no shortage of out of cup quadboob.) This bra fits terribly. The biggest problem with the cups is that they are too small, though they are also much too shallow for me.

Side view of me wearing the Lottie, showing wide wires and lots of quadboob

The wires are super wide and sit very low on my body. You can also see how bad the quadding is at this angle. Sidenote: what's with all the wrinkly sewing?

Angle shot of me wearing the Lottie, showing a floating gore

You can see that the gore floats as well, just to add to the misery.

View of the back of the Lottie while I'm wearing it - the straps are placed very widely at the back.

The straps are ridiculously widely placed in the back. If my shoulders were any narrower, they'd slip right off. The band's lack of stretch makes the bra uncomfortable to wear, and the downwards angle pulls down the whole bra.

Shot from the front of me wearing the Lottie

And I don't know about you gals but I wear bras to lift up my boobs, not push them downwards.

I didn't feel like I was wearing a luxury bra, I felt like I was back in Asos Hell!

Bratabase Measurements:


I wouldn't recommend this bra to anyone at full price. At £30 I would say it might work for short rooted, wide 28FFs who also want snug bands and don't want a huge amount of lift.

I honestly didn't know why this bra was so bad, but after taking a look at the tag

The tag of the Lottie showing a "Made in Britain" label
I think I know now.

gif of a joke from the IT crowd - Moss is confused about how a fire extinguisher is on fire until he sees a "Made in Britain" label, at which point he goes "ohhh".


  1. I just tried on their Serena bra again after buying it in their sale probably over a year ago and I had the same crazy in-cup quadboob! I'm more a 32F these days (the bra's a 30FF) but even with an extender to try it on it was too shallow and I generally need shallow bras/have very little forward projection. No wonder I never wore it, it's essentially unwearable. I don't like the front strap adjusters either; I understand why they did it but I have the opposite problem of almost always needing to adjust all the way because my breasts are low and I'm relatively tall, so it just looks unsightly. I remember being completely aghast when opening the package as they'd folded it over and the postie had literally shoved the package into my letterbox. I would expect more from a designer brand even if I bought during a sale period. Very disappointing but I do really, really love their aesthetic. The matching briefs were also the most unflattering pair I've ever tried on. They cut in awfully at the hips and caused the worst muffintop but the bum area was so loose and saggy, I'm cringing just thinking about it.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Interesting how we had such similar experiences -and with the fit of this bra, how the briefs were on you is no surprise to me.


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