How to Take the Best Bra Fit Pictures (& Imgur Privacy Guide)

Note: This blog post has images with text on them, so I've uploaded a text-only version here that should be compatible with text to speech readers.


Make sure you're taking these pictures with neutral posture, as that's how fit is judged! If there is a difference in fit on each breast, be sure to take photos of each side.

1. The Diagonal Shot

A diagonally framed image of someone wearing a bra, labelled with the fit aspects visible at this angle.
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The diagonal picture is absolutely the most valuable when evaluating fit, as you can see most areas of the bra and it has a certain amount of perspective to it - if you're just going to take one bra photo, make it a diagonal one. Try to frame it so that the gore is visible as well as the wire on one side. As well as all of the bra fit aspects visible at this angle, you can also see up to 75% of the cup fabric.

2. The Front-On Shot

A front-on image of someone wearing a bra, labelled with the fit aspects visible at this angle.

The front-on shot still has its uses, though as you can see you can't tell as much about the general fit of the bra. In addition to what is outlined here, wrinkling in the cup fabric is also often visible from the front.

3. The Side-On Shot

A side-on image of someone wearing a bra, labelled with the fit aspects visible at this angle.

The side-on shot is very important, particularly when it comes to evaluating the wires. Lifting your arms up to show the wires can change the fit of the bra, so it's best to put your hand on your hip and swing your elbow back (if you are able) - be careful not to go too far as you may affect the fit of the cup.

4. The Top Down Shot

A top down image of someone wearing a bra, labelled with the fit aspects visible at this angle.

It's surprisingly hard to get a top-down shot framed well, though it is the only angle that truly shows whether a gore is tacking or floating. It also provides the best view of spillage in the middle.

5. The Back Shot

An image from the back of someone wearing a bra, labelled with the fit aspects visible at this angle.

Obviously you can't evaluate any fit issues in the cup with an image of someone's back, though the points highlighted in the diagram still point to important fit issues. See below for tips on taking a back shot.

6. Problem Areas

Close up of the strap area of someone wearing a bra.

If a certain part of a bra is bothering you, don't forget to snap it! Not only does this allow people to see what's going on, a picture of a certain part will draw attention to it being a problem for you.

Photography Tips

Someone holding a phone up to a mirror such that the viewfinder is visible in the reflection and the back camera is facing the person

Instead of facing the camera into a bathroom mirror, try pointing the back camera of a phone at you and looking at the view in the mirror. The picture will be glare free, and it's much easier to hide your face and frame the shot well.

A phone held upright as it is clipped to a capo which is lying on its side.

Consider getting a friend to help you or make a makeshift tripod, particularly if you are having difficulty getting the framing righr or can't hold the phone/camera up. The timer is your friend! This "tripod" is just a guitar capo I clip onto my phone - yes, this is the setup I use for my blog!

Also make sure you're in a well-lit area. Daylight is the best for true-to-life colours but really all you need to evaluate fit is just good amounts of light.


You may wish to edit out any identifying features or adjust the lighting to make the images clearer. Google Photos is good for lighting adjustments and cropping, while you can get in-browser editors like Pixlr for more complex changes. I have tried Pixlr Express out for myself and it has very good functionality with a simple interface. There is also the more complex Pixlr Editor that is more powerful but slightly harder for a beginner to use.

A photo of someone wearing a bra. It is difficult to make out some areas as they are in shadow.

The same image, artificially brightened. It is now possible to see all areas of the bra.

The top picture is dark and shadowy at the bottom, simply increasing the brightness makes it much easier to see the wires and bottom of the bra.

If you're uploading your pictures to imgur the process has been made clearer since originally posted. Simply upload your pictures and click "grab link" rather than "to community" to ensure your pictures aren't uploaded to the public imgur community.

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This guide was created as an expansion on /u/wambrita's existing guide for fit check photos which can be found here.


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