Take a Bow - Cleo Della Review in 28G

I so wanted this bra to work. After the unprecedented success of Cleo Blake, I've been super willing to try more Cleos. Sadly, it just wasn't to be.

I ordered this bra from Lingerie Outlet Store on Amazon for £19.90. Unfortunately, the bow fell off immediately as I put the bra on. Upon closer inspection I couldn't find any loose threads in the gore, and the threads on the bow were messy, so this was a manufacturing error rather than the bra getting damaged in transport. I contacted them the seller, and after asking for photographic proof, they offered me a 30% discount or a refund. I opted for the refund, based on how the bra doesn't fit.


I think this bra looks super cool -  I love the black wire channels.

The bow really lifts the design, and the surprisingly sheer fabric makes the flowers stand out a lot.

I just wish the pattern was carried onto the back as it's just a plain, boring (but slightly sheer) black.


Aside from the bow, this bra is well constructed. It's a three part balconette with Cleo's standard 2x3 hooks. The fabric is very stiff (unlike the softness of Blake), and the band feels quite sturdy.

The straps are of average stretchiness, and are smooth and plain black. They're fully adjustable.


The main issue with this bra is that it's just too short for me. See how there's empty space in the top half of the cup but there's quite a lot of quadboobing above the top of the cup.

The bra is fairly pointy when viewed from the side - it has a lot of depth at the apex, and I think how the upper seam is straining is exacerbating how pointy it is.

The band is fairly snug, and it fits well on the tightest hooks at the bottom, but it is VERY tapered. This bra definitely suits a V shaped ribcage - the band was just too loose at the top, meaning it's not very comfortable.

Also, since the wires are not tensioned properly at the top, there's lots of space in the upper/outer quadrant of the cup - pulling the band tighter smooths everything out.

Even when not properly tensioned, the wires are too wide for me.

The bra doesn't have enough depth at the wire for me either, it's riding down a fair amount.

The gore is a little too wide for my boobs, and it's not got enough room for my centre fullness, so it's float and spillage city.

Aside from the band tension issue this bra has, the band is a snug 28, so the bottom of it fits well on the tightest hooks.



Many of you probably think I should size up a cup in this bra. I don't think that's a good idea - for one, it already has enough depth at the apex, so sizing up wouldn't be very supportive, and two, the bra just isn't projected enough for me. Thirdly, sizing up definitely won't help the gore issue.

I would recommend this bra to people with full on bottom or short rooted boobs who have a lot of projection, potentially needing more depth than Cleo Lucy. Ideally they would have a V shaped ribcage so the band has even tension throughout.


  1. Hiya! I bought this in 28F, and I encountered similar issues. The gore was a little too wide, it had a sort of pointy shape, and the wires were too wide for me on the side.
    Thanks for posting about bras! The more people who talk about bra fitting, the better <3

    1. Thanks for commenting! Interesting that these issues exist across multiple sizes though I'm not incredibly surprised :)


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