Deep n Wide - Not Another Tutti Rouge Nichole Review in 28G

I'm gonna admit to being a hipster here - I wanted to review this bra before it was cool! And then I ended up procrastinating in both buying the bra and reviewing it, go me. (I have procrastinated SO MUCH guys, I bought this bra in September and now it's November!)

I snagged the Nichole off brastop for £15, found a discount code online which took off 11% from that, and paid £3.95 shipping, bringing the total to £17.30. Nice. However I have recently become aware of some really body shaming tweets made by brastop's twitter account so I will no longer be purchasing from that site.

After seeing other people say how deep it runs, I went down to a 28G and I'm glad I did!


This bra was advertised as ~~powder blue~~ so I was expecting a pale, slightly more turqoisey than baby blue, colour but still definitely blue. What arrived was a distinctively turquoise bra.

To be fair the colour looks nicer on than just laying flat but be aware that it is definitely not powder blue.
The bra has two distinctive black trims. I'm not sure if I like the combination of the two or not, but I like them each separately.

I think the double layer of mesh on the bottom but the single layer on top is a pretty cool, subtle effect (more visible in the fit pics).

Not too keen on the leopard print bow to be perfectly honest, and that combined with the two different trims and the turqoise makes the bra seem kind of over the top to me.

Tutti Rouge's signature heart-shaped sliders are cute and only a little impractical. I've had heart shaped sliders before from M&S and they were hard to move around but, to my relief, these were fine. However the inner point on the heart seems to be digging into the strap fabric quite a bit and I worry it'd end up poking a hole!


This bra feels pretty standard in quality. Not a luxury bra by anyone's standards but I feel pretty secure in it. It's your average two-hooked band, but the hooks are placed unusually far apart. As far as I can tell, this has no effect on the fit of the band.

It definitely runs large in the cups. I'd say it's about 3/4 of a cup size large so size down!

The bottom of the cup consists of two layers of mesh, and it seems that the outer layer is a bit bigger than the inner layer, which causes wrinkling that is slightly visible underneath clothes.

The straps are very narrow and quite stretchy, so heavier busts beware - this bra may not be for you.


This bra fits pretty well. I'd say it's like a wide, slightly shallower Cleo Lily. The top of the bra cuts into my tallish roots a really small amount (but there is a little wrinkling above the nipple, hence it being too short for me rather than too small), and overall I feel like I need more depth in it - which is why I say it runs about 3/4 of a cup size large, not a full cup size.

 The wires are very wide though, which doesn't suit me.

The bra doesn't have quite enough depth at the wire, so it rides down a bit.

The band is quite loose, sadly, too loose on the tightest hooks on my ribcage. This means that lots of the weight is put onto the straps, making them dig into my shoulders. This is my main reason for selling the bra on.

Bratabase Measurements:


I recommend this bra to people who are projected, have short roots and even fullness, or are generally full on bottom and don't mind a small amount of cutting in. This bra is wide, so it'd best suit those with wide roots. I would recommend this to people who usually wear a 28GG or 30G, as the cup runs large, and those who don't mind thin straps.